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Door Locks, Gaskets, and Other Hardware in Ottawa

In order to keep your doors and windows functioning smoothly, you need the proper hardware. Queensway Door Service offers a wide range of products in a variety of finishes and colours. Looking for a specific piece of hardware in Ottawa? Call us! We have all the equipment for your screens, doors, and locks under one roof.

Supplies, Hardware, and More

Find the supplies and hardware you need below and click on the links to download the details.

screen material

 1. Screen Supplies and Hardware for Windows and Doors

Screens and screen material for windows or doors


 2. Sliding-glass Patio-door Hardware

Everything for your patio or deck doors

Truth Hardware

 4. Awning and Casement Operators

Awning and Casement Operators

Commercial / Architectural Hardware

 9. Commercial/Architectural Hardware

Try to find this stuff in a big box store

Weatherstripping & Gaskets

 10. Weatherstripping and Gaskets

Keep the weather and pests on the outside

Showcase & Cabinet Hardware

 11. Showcase and Cabinet Hardware

Specialized hardware just for showcases

Mirrors, Trim, & Clips

 12. Mirrors, Trims, and Clips

Mounting brackets and trims for mirrors

Hardware and More

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