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Ottawa’s Multi-Service Specialist, Since 1979

Window and Door Repairs in Ottawa

Sometimes, your doors and windows may need a little TLC instead of complete replacement. At Queensway Door Service, we offer window and door repairs for Ottawa homes and commercial properties. So if the hinges of your doors and windows are loose, or you are experiencing problems with the trims, clips, and mounting brackets of your mirrors, contact us. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can help you replace or repair the necessary parts in no time.


We repair anything from windows to door locks and everything in between. Our range of services includes:

glass replacements

 1. Complete glass replacements

Patio door screen repairs

 2. Patio door repairs and replacements

door screen repairs

 3. Window and door screen repairs and replacements

Patio door repairs

 4. Patio door screen repairs and replacements

Door repairs

 5. Lock repairs, replacements, and re-keying

Lock repairs

 6. Door repairs and replacements

Window repairs

 7. Window repairs

glass replacements

 8. In-house or on-site glass replacements

Storm door repairs

 9. Storm door repairs and replacements

Garden door repairs

 10. Garden door repairs and replacements

Hard-to-find hardware

 11. Hard-to-find hardware

Closet door hardware

 12. Closet door hardware

window stripping

 13. Weatherstripping and gaskets

Mirrored doors 2

 14. Mirrored doors and walls


Talk to one of our sales experts for advice and information.

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